Monday, August 23, 2010

You must be praying

You must be praying, because my stomach is better. Call me stubborn or stupid, but I haven't taken any drugs for it yet. I did the BRAT diet all day yesterday and that helped, though after a banana last night I thought it was coming back.

Josette is in my lap right now. She's gassy and it's making me giggle. Who knew a tiny baby could make so much noise?? They weighed her last night. She was 4 lbs when admitted in early August. Drum roll please....she's up to 6 lbs 2 oz!! It's nice to know that I had a week to contribute to that. Man I'm going to miss her. She's got the softest curly hair. It's a bit of a mowhawk right now because she had an IV in her head before. But it's super cute.

Just two full days left before I leave. It's hard to believe. I'm still praying my flight actually makes it out. There's no customer service line to call in Haiti. You get what you get here.

I'm going to miss these kids. Walking into the baby house reminds me of when I get home from work most days and Henry greets me at the door. Except multiply that by about 10. They all say YAY then run over and wrap their arms around my legs. Makes ya not mind being covered in doo by 8am.

I figured out the funk. It's the water here. I smelled the clothes yesterday when they came back from being washed. Funk-o-rama. We're very fortunate here that there are laundry ladies who wash our clothes, etc every day. They wash it by hand then let it dry in the sun. That's a lot of work. I won't complain about the funk anymore.

As many of you head out for work today, please be thankful for what you have. A house, breakfast, a car, a job, medical benefits, clothing. That isn't the case in many places outside of the US.

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