Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a joyful day today!

I don't have my time to write, but have to tell you that amongst the sickness (pray for Guerlin and Guerlande please) today was really fun!!

Have you ever seen a premie sneeze?? She winds up, then lets it all out. I makes me laugh! This morning I was going to ask you to pray for poop, but she did it! Biggest, badest, most beautiful poo ever.

Nurse Amy is on the way to the hospital right now. I was going to tell you how amazing she is. I've never met anyone with more energy and love than her. She has this way of saying "none of your business" in the most pleasant kinda way. (I ask too many questions - it's the therapist in me) She is up late with the kids, has random stuff that comes up all the time, and she is the med lady. She does it all with this wonderful smile. I asked her where she gets the energy and she said, "God gives me what I need." Love her!!

I'm currently covered in pee. Went over to play in the baby room and it was just before bath time. They were pretty darn wet. I no longer mind being covered in pee. We had fun singing and exploring. These children are truly precious.

OK - enough typing time. More tomorrow.



  1. Hi Karen - Thanks again for keeping us up to date and for sharing the experience. Hope you are on the mend in the stomach department....yikes!!! Hang in there. Hugs and kisses to all of the babies, staff and volunteers. Think good thoughts......Cheryle

  2. Still saying my prayers for you and all the people of Haiti. What joy you must feel in helping those in need. Hope you start to feel better soon.
    God's blessings to you Karen. Robin

  3. Aww..May God bless u n nurse Amy..i know how u feel n i can truly feel for u by surrounded with all the babies..its fun to change their diaper, taking bath or so but its devastated to see them for not poo poo for few days n it must be hurt them..babies r so prayers to u, babies n everyone there..i hope u feel better soon..take care..hugs :))

  4. Do the babies wear cloth diapers? Are they in need of baby clothes? Do they have their own cribs or where do they sleep?

    Hope your tummy feels better!