Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot, sticky morning greetings

Internet finally came back up - thankfully.

It was a restless night with Josette. She's so cute that I can't complain about the lack of sleep. This morning all she wants is to be held and rocked. Hard to not cave to her wishes. She's the most beautiful tiny baby.

Guerlin left with the RN Amy early this morning on a flight to PAP to get his ECHO. Is that how you spell it? Don't have time to Google it. Praying they get it figured out and he can get a medical visa to the states so he can get it fixed. The best guess is that he's got a hole in his heart. I wish you could see him. This is the one kid who's completely stolen my heart, for lack of a better phrase. He has a mother here, so most likely he'd have surgery in the states, recover, and come back to her. It's a bittersweet process, but as a mother I cannot imagine giving up my child for something they tell me is 'better'.

Brett, a second year medical student, left this morning as well. We're down to 2 babies in the volunteer house, but today will be challenging with the care for the 50 others in the baby house. I'm going to be busy and sweaty all day long. (sorry -but you've gotta live it with me! :-)

I've finally settled into my routine here and enjoy this so much. Even getting used to all the heat - I don't sweat the second I come out of the shower anymore. Oh, today Jamie brewed me a cup of Starbucks. Ahhhh. I brought the beans down for them, not me, but I have to admit it was a slice of early morning heaven. Hopefully my head will stop throbbing now that my body has something familiar.

We heard this morning that a school collapsed in PAP due to the rain. Many lives were lost. Please pray for the people of PAP. While it's truly challenging here, it seems more so there.

I can't tell you how much your comments mean to me. I read them, cry a bit, and smile a lot. While I can't respond to them all, know that they really keep me going.

Internet and cell is spotty. My cell was down all day yesterday, but is working this morning. Kinda. The text messages are WONDERFUL too! Since it was down yesterday, my phone was buzzing like mad this morning when it started working. Just makes me smile.

This morning, before I start what I expect to be an insanely busy day, I leave you with a quote:

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.
~ unknown

A peace that passes all understanding. It is back.



  1. Good morning, Karen! Thank you so much for all of the great posts...they are so inspiring. Peace to you, the other volunteers and the amazing babies you are caring for. Betsy

  2. Karen,

    Your posts are amazing. You have me thinking SO much...if you are ever interested in going back, please...I'd love to go along with you. I can't tell you how MUCH the experiences you've posted have helped me this week, and have inspired me. We must talk....perhaps someday we can do this together...if you are interested in going, and having a friend along.

    Have an amazing day.... Erin N.

  3. Oh, by the way...your little Josette is beautiful. I saw a picture of her on the COPT website. ERIN N.

  4. HI there mummy Karen..bringing happy sunshine to u there to cheer u up...oh yes indeed Josette is a beautuful baby..sooo cute

    oooh,i love hot weather as u know i came from a tropical country with u will get use to it..sweat is good for u Karen as i learn for those ppl who cant sweat can easily get sick..let it all out..u go girl

    Im glad the internet n ur phone r getting back on so sorry to hear bout the school prayers goes to everyone there..stay tough mummy Karen!!!

    Next i know mummy Karen loves love starbuck too n a big coffee fan n no coffee means i cant like a robot have to put on some WD40 oil to
    shhhhhhhhhhh, hope no one hear, I dun really like Tim Hortons coffee, its a lil too thin for me but im not sure with everyone..u know what im going to send u a can of Timmys coffee n let u try, send to ur home we talk bout coffee..whats NEXT???...hahahaha

    alrite mummy Karen..GET BACK TO WORK OR UR FIRED...NEXT PLEASE??...hahahahaha

    i know ur busy n hope to bring a good laugh to

    take care mummy Karen..May God Bless U!!!

    love ya!! xoxo

  5. Karen - your posts make me smile and cry. I can just picture you with the babies. I would love to take a leap of faith as you have and do something that to some may not seem like much, but what you are doing is huge! You are a great inspiration! God's blessings to you and all those you are helping. Robin

  6. Karen
    I can't wait to get home each day and read your blogs. It brings me to tears, you are such an inspiration!! I miss our morning visits at Starbucks and look forward to seeing you soon. I got to meet your sister the other day so sweet, just like you. She asked me what you drank @ day and odered that for herself just for you. Keep your faith and know how many people are thinking about you and praying for you. Love Mary

  7. I just shared some of your stories with the residents that I would with. One woman, Alice, cried along with me at your dedication, commitment, and as Alice says: "incredible humanitarian act that she is doing". I told them about your postcard, sermon, and some blogs. Alice began to cry when I told them that you had received a "postcard" about going to Haiti. (I've never seen this 97 year old woman cry) You are in their prayers as well Karen. Love you! Deb

  8. Hi! It's Sofia. I LOVE what your doing.
    I can't belive it's happening.Remember...

    Sofia :]