Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet little Josette

Did you ever think there would be this much Internet time for me in Haiti? I think it's healthy to get all of these thoughts out, and knowing you're all on the other end is so comforting.

Sweet little Josette slept, well, like a baby. We were up 3 times last night and she just gave me some false alarm crying, which has me up for good but her in the bassinette snoozing away.

She ate like a charm last night and didn't throw up on my watch. Dehydration is such a big concern. I'm happy to report that she had 2 really wet diapers. Would like to say that's the mother's touch, but I know it has more to do with the guy upstairs.

Breakfast for me consisted of 4 Advil and a regular Coke. (Mary - it's too hot to drink coffee!) Thankfully my stomach settled down before I went to sleep last night. But the headache lingers. I'm drinking tons of water, so no worries there.

So you all know, they have a water purification system here. It tastes like it has a lot of chlorine in it, but it gets the job done. A lot of this trip involves faith and trust. Many people before me have made this journey, and many people live here for a long time, so I trust I will be healthy.

The lingering thought in the back of my head is my flight home. The flight in had the potential to be terrifying if it were not for my guardian angel. He flies home a day after me, so I'm hoping there's another one for me when I leave. The airports are complete chaos. When I stepped outside the PAP airport there were a swarm of men, all trying to grab my bags. I knew what it was about and clung onto them, not wanting it all to get lost in the crowd. Just a few feet before my awaiting 'taxi' a very pushy man grabbed them both, and off he went. Once I got in the car he had words with me in Creole. Basically, cough up some cash lady. It's part of the game here. Thankfully almost everything I brought down here is staying, including my large bag, so it will be easier to manage on the journey back.

Just another example of how we are a bit shut in our happy little world in the US. We have expectations and demands and will be on the horn with customer service to demand a refund if our expectations are not met. I'd love to have that crabby screaming guy at Starbucks set foot down here for a few minutes. I'm pretty sure he'd be OK with his latte sans Splenda after it.

A side note about bugs. I met the cockroaches last night and giggled. They are TINY! No fears there. I thought they would be like the ones they had on Fear Factor. Oh, and my mosquito netting is only as good as the mosquitos I don't let in with me at night. One of them munched on me pretty good last night. Praying it's a happy, healty little mosquito or that my Malaria tablets do the trick.

It's absolutely beautiful here. The sunrise bring beauty to the new day as I watch the mountains appear before me. It's all God's creation. There is beauty here amongst the sickness and dispair.

Today I might get to go to the hospital in Milot to visit the babies. It would be an interesting journey if I can make it. Two white faces in the brown crowd. I'm told the people here are just amazed by us. While COTP has been here for a long time, they are still amazed at our coloring. Very interesting to be on the other side and get a different perspective, being the outsider.

Please keep those prayers coming. I truly feel them as they are being said. They give me the strength each day that I need. This journey has a purpose on so many levels and I'm happy to share it with you throughout the day.

Here's your challenge today - no complaints. Not a single one. As soon as you feel it coming out of your mouth stop, and be greatful for what you have.

Thanks for being out there for me.



  1. Karen - Thanks for your updates. You are truly an amazing person! Prayers are being said for you and the kids you are helping everyday. Michaela is turning 14 tomorrow and bless her heart wants to do something to help others for her birthday party - "something different than FMSC" (her words) Any thoughts of something she could do to help the very kids you are helping?? She thought of making blankets - seems to hot there for that. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Only 5 days til we move Jared to LaCrosse! I'm really not ready for that. God's blessing to you Karen and your work in Haiti!!

  2. Karen, I love reading your are such an inspiration. I, I will not complain. Lots of thoughts are with you!
    Erin N.

  3. Thank you Karen for being our proxy in Haiti. Your blog posts help us to see what you see, feel what you are feeling. Your internet time is not wasted. Love, Dawn

  4. Karen, As I am reading your blog I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. One of the chrysalises that has been hanging in a glass on my desk opened up and a beautiful butterfly has been born. I watched the moments of struggle as it was working its way out into the world, the determination to get its last leg out, and the strength that it showed in flapping its wings to begin drying them. The butterfly is now peaceful, seemingly hanging there without a care in the world. I put a sign on the glass that says: Born - 12:18 p.m. Name - Josette. Love you Karen!

  5. Oops...sorry, Karen. I forgot that you aren't able to see who it is when we leave a blog. The last one about the butterfly (Josette) was from your elderly sister Deb. :)

  6. My prayers will always be with u Karen...keep on smiling..U ROCK :))

    wanna give a shout out to all anonymous here...Hello anonymous...hahaha...Hi Dawn..i saw u above me...hope is the Dawn i know, if not would be so embarasing shout out to the wrong person...hahahahah...

    Thinking Karen u need a good laugh..

    take care..hugs