Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More thoughts

It's amazing how little sleep I've survived on these past few days. It's like having a newborn again! Oh wait, I'm with nothing but babies...

Tonight I have Josette sleeping in my room. She's the tiniest baby I have ever seen. My babies - in the womb even - cannot have ever been this small. I asked the nurse here if she'd be in the NICU back home. Yes, she would. Say a prayer for this little life that's in my non-medical hands tonight. I'll channel my inner Jocelyn.

Whoever is posting the quotes, please keep it up. You are helping me shed the tears that need to get out. I'm the first person to rattle off a quote when needed, but I can't tell you how much they mean to me RIGHT NOW. They aren't just quotes - they are absolute truth.

Here are a few more things I know for sure:
* I will most likely not lose weight here. The food is all carbs. With a side of goat. Poor, poor little goats.
* Haitian women are not all a TAD bit smaller than me.
* The people working here are amazing.
* I still have not figured out the funk smell. It's either something used to purify the water, or a chemical they use to clean. Either way, it's something I've never smelled before.
* Yes, this is a different culture and some things are taking a while to get used to
* MY CELL PHONE IS WORKING!! Those of you who have my number, please text when you can. It feels so good to have that connection, even though I've been updating this blog all the time.

I'd better go be with Josette. Hopefully I get a little sleep tonight, but sleep can certainly wait.

Love, hugs, and sweat from Haiti.


  1. HI so glad that ur safe happy to see n read all ur updates from Haiti...everytime when i read all ur updates, i cant control my tears n feel like im spiritualy there with u holding the babies giving them warm love n tender care..i have learn so much from u since i got to know u...u r a good hearted person n think God lead me to u...i hope n wanna do as same like u when Daniel is older...thanks for the COTP Canada addy n info u sent me b4...looking forward to it n i wanna be apart of COTP n helping these childrens...

    keep on coming Karen...Jeff n I loves to read all ur activities there...May God Bless u n everyone there...Our hugs n Kisses to u, everyone there n the babies n childrens too..

    Take care..xoxo

  2. Hanging on your every word. Love, Dawn

  3. Sorry, I keep forgetting to sign my name. I sent that quote. Saw it on a friend's facebook site and thought of you. Will work on some more! beck

  4. From my friend who had the quote about exhaustion: "Tell her thanks for serving over there, she is doing important things."