Saturday, August 21, 2010

A busy Saturday

What a busy day today. Can't believe it's nearly 2:00 and this is my first post!

Last night was dreadful. Sweet little Josette was a dream. The rage, however, was not. I can laugh now and how I call it The Rage, because I'm feeling a little better. It sounds like an MMA fighter. "In this corner, we have one ton The Rage. In the other corner...Karen's gut." Ding Ding Ding

The rage won last night. I was seriously concerned about my health. This morning it's nothing but bland food and Sprite, and even that is tough.

Guerlin is sick. He was throwing up last night and still is today. He's so weak, it's hard to see. Guerland, a little girl, is also very sick. She's getting dehydrated and doesn't want to eat or drink. It's very hard to see. I was cuddling with Josette in my room and heard screaming. I realized it was the nurses (we have another one now) trying to put an IV in. :-(

Thank you again to Mary for the beans. Even though my stomach is battling me, I still drank my cup of coffee this morning. Might as well take care of the head while the gut rages on.

For lunch today it's a Haitian meal - beans and rice, some deep fried something with meat, and goat. I'll take applesauce.

That's all you get for now folks. Josette is awake. :-)


  1. What a wonderful and unselfish thing you are doing. I was very worried (but not as much as your Mom). Your family and friends are so proud of you. I love keeping updated with your blogs and pray for you every day. Keep up your positive attitude and we will pray for a safe return for you. We will always pray for the children that you are with and others in bad situations. Molly

  2. Oh my Karen..hang in there..oh poor guerlin n guerland Oh God pls pls protect n bless them..dun let them get sick..stay tough Karen..keep ur spirit up n we all here r with u Karen..take care there..God Bless u n all..xoxo