Saturday, October 29, 2011

We get to meet her

First things first, we have no news.  There's nothing scheduled.  We're not going down to Haiti.  But I did learn something new this week - we get to meet her.

At some point when we're out of IBESR we'll need to travel to PAP for court.  From what I understand, by traveling to Haiti for court we shave a few weeks off the adoption process.  Jason said early on that he wanted to be there for the court appointment, so we'll be traveling to Haiti together.  (I'm SO excited that he'll experience Haiti.  How many people do you know that would say that?!)

This past week I found out that we travel to Cap-Haitien first.  For pictures.  With her.  We get to spend the day with her, then fly to PAP early the following morning for court.

Without her.

A gift and torture all wrapped into one.  We get to meet her and love her up.  Then we leave her for at least another 5 months before the adoption is complete.

I need to buy a new digital camera with the biggest memory card in the history of memory cards.  I'm going to take at least a kabillion pictures.  And I'm going to hold her the entire time.  Her feet will never hit the ground.  Maybe I'll let Jason hold her too for a little bit.  :-)  And somehow I need to love up the rest of the kids in that short amount of time, while she's in my arms.

Jason gets to experience Children of the Promise AND our daughter AND PAP all in one short trip.

My friend Windie who is wise and wonderful and 'gets it' was my rock as I was falling apart last week.  As I was losing myself in impatience and fatigue and frustration, she did the one and only thing I need to be doing when this happens.  She prayed.

Here is the prayer she prayed with and for me:

Dear Heavenly Father - You are the author and creator of all life. Nothing can be that you do not allow. Your word states that your children's steps are ordered by you. Lord we come before you together and appeal to you Lord that you would move (baby Haiti's) paperwork through IBESR and that your hand would remove the delays and that this process be completed and be completed soon!!! We pray for hand to be upon (baby Haiti) and her caregivers...that she would be healthy and that she have favor before their eyes that will privilege her to extra hugs and touches of love and even snacks Lord. 

I pray now Father for peace and mercy to be upon Karen and her family and that this time be a time of extra closeness for their family. Your peace to come upon them as a warm blanket in the cold of night!  Please bring comfort in the waiting. 

We praise you for all that you have done, are doing and are about to do!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hotels and Pandas and Impatience

There are so many thoughts in my head to share today.  So many little things in life get me thinking.  Dreams make my heart warm and sad at the same time.  And impatience is taking over me.

Last week I had a beautiful dream.  During the entire dream I was holding her.  I was holding her and kissing her, and she was touching my face.  I was saying over and over, "Mwen se manman ou."  I am your Mommy.  Her beautiful brown eyes, just staring into mine.  It felt so wonderful to have her in my arms.  When I woke up there was a peace and joy.  It was followed by sadness and impatience.  I want her home.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This week I traveled for work.  I woke up Friday morning and didn't want to get out of bed.  Western Michigan was cold and rainy, and I was exhausted for some reason.  When I went in to take my shower, I noticed that the hotel bar soap, shampoo and conditioner I'd used the day before was gone.  The housekeeper had thrown it away and replaced it with new.  

Why do we waste so much in this country, when so many are suffering?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

My flight home was late last evening, and I had some time on my hands before heading to the airport.  I'm not a shopper, and I can't stand malls.  Give me a garage sale or second-hand store any day of the week - or awesome hand-me-downs.  It's rare that I buy something new for the kids.  

Henry needs a winter coat this year.  He hasn't ever had a new one, so I decided to check out Kohl's to see what they had.  Do you realize how expensive kid's coats are?  Thank you to everyone who's handed down coats for the kids!

On my way to the boy's section I passed by the toddler area.  One t-shirt caught my eye.  Pandas have a significant meaning in my life.  There was a shirt I just couldn't pass up, followed by a second one.  (I'm not perfect.  She's moving into a house with a few kitties.)  They were 50% off, so in my mind I could justify spending the money.  

I haven't bought anything for her before. I think know that it's because we've had such a challenging adoption process.  While I try not to, I keep waiting for the call or email that tells me something has changed.  That for whatever reason, we're going to lose her too.  At the same time I'm impatiently waiting for the call or email that tells me we're heading to Port-au-Prince for a court appointment.  It's a really crazy way to live.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

November 6th is Orphan Sunday.  Consider planning something with your church.  Tell your pastor that they don't have to write a sermon.  This website will take care of everything for them.  What pastor doesn't love a Sunday off?

One of the reasons I was called to Haiti was to see the faces of orphans.  Once you see them, you can no longer ignore them.  I'm being called to be a voice for them.  To bring awareness to others of the massive number of children who don't have a parent to hold them.  To put a band-aid on their owie.  To hold them when they are sick.  Nothing will bring me to tears faster than thinking about a single child without parents.  The thought of MILLIONS of children is overwhelming.

Please take a couple of minutes and watch this video.  Orphan Sunday  Share it with the pastor of your church.  Become a community of individuals who are a voice for those who have none.

Help to bring them all home.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's do this...

It's time to start Christmas shopping!  While Nikki hasn't given her final approval of the registry, enough of you are asking to start shopping so it's time to post the list.

We're asking that people pick a name and purchase the following:
  • A food item.  The special needs boys eat the pudding and Nutrigrain bars.
  • A basic need item - like Clorox wipes or diapers.
  • One toy or arts and crafts item.
Of course you are welcome to buy much more than this, but we're asking for this as the basics.  And you don't HAVE to pick a name.  You can just purchase random items off the list and send them.

If an item runs out on the list, you can still purchase it.  There's never too much of anything in Haiti.  If all 50 Clorox wipes get purchased, I can guarantee that they will go through those 50 and need more.  Don't let the numbers deter you from buying something.

If you have a different idea on what to get a child, please let me know.  We really looking for sturdy, durable toys for the kids.  Since everything gets shared, the toys need to survive 40 very excited kids playing with them.  Many of the thin plastic items get thrown away after the first use.

Additional guidelines:
  • Please, no battery operated toys.  When the batteries die, so does the toy.  They are simply too expensive to maintain in Haiti.
  • For the girls, you are welcome to get hair-care items for them. Binders, barrettes, pretty bows.
  • You obviously don't have to purchase these items are Target.  The registry is just a guide.
  • You are welcome to send wrapping paper and tape too.  It's all about being able to rip something open, isn't it?  As you can imagine, wrapping paper is almost non-existant in Haiti.
  • On the wrapping note, please DO NOT wrap the presents.  They need to go through customs in Haiti.
  • This year I'm asking everyone to ship their own gifts.  If you are unable to, please let me know.  While we can't pay to ship items this year, I'll find a way to get things down there if needed.  Target does have a deal right now that orders over $50 ship for free.  I'm not sure how long this lasts.
Ship your gifts by mid-November to ensure they make it by Christmas.  Ship everything here:
Bud and Jan Bonnema
Agape Flights  CAP--11952
100 Airport Ave
Venice, FL 34285

The following kids already have sponsors:
  1. Manno
  2. Kenlove
  3. Christela
  4. Rosar
  5. Joshua
  6. Sabine
  7. Theo
  8. Nikensly
  9. Pierre
  10. Anel
  11. Annella
  12. Isaiah
Please make sure to put a note in your box indicating which child the gifts are for.  They did a fantastic job last year making sure everyone got the toys that were intended for them.  And they took a TON of pictures.  You'll be able to see your gifts in the hands of the child(ren) you sponsor.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing the Christmas spirit with these very special children.  If we each do just a little bit, it will add up to a lot.  And the kids will have a very Merry Christmas!

Oh - I guess I should post the registry link, eh?  Please share this with everyone you know!!  Click here  -->  Target Registry