Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few pictures

I can't post pictures of the kids anywhere on the web. If you want to see them, you can go to If you want to see my pictures, shoot me an email:

Here are some that I CAN share.

Holding Guerlin's hand.

Handbags for Hope

Josette's sweet little foot

The pavilion that you all helped get a new roof on!!

Roxy, one of the guard dogs


  1. Karen,

    I would love to see more pictures....I don't have your home e-mail address, so I am posting here. Additionally, Shawn is officially off of the bottle, and I have a large 24 oz. can of formula that I am hoping could be put to use at COTP? Let me know...

    Welcome back!! I really enjoyed following your trip on your blog....

    ERIN N.

  2. Hi Karen...thank u for sharing some of ur pics here n is it ok n dun mind i would like to see more email

    i cant control my tears while just looking at some of ur few pics here...thinking of how wonderful these ppl by helping ppl n babies in need..ur one of them Karen..

    Thank u so much..hugs..