Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Post

Well kids and campers, unless I have insomnia tonight, this will be my last post. You know how you plan something for months and it takes forever to get there, only once you're on that journey it flashes by in the blink of an eye? I cannot believe that tomorrow I go home. Hopefully.

My name is on the list to fly out tomorrow morning. However, having my name on a list does not guarantee I'll get out. In addition, if I make the flight to PAP, that doesn't guarantee a seat to Miami. Please do not ever complain about flights in the US. Ever.

Josette moved into her new room first thing this morning because she's doing so well. It's a good thing, yet I had to hold back some serious tears. I wonder how much I'll cry when I get home - since I've been holding back so much for so long.

This afternoon she was outside with the nannies and I went over to touch her. She was sound asleep and simply beautiful. Can't type anymore or the tears will flow.

Mindy, the super amazing 22 year old nurse who is wise beyond her years, continued to deal with all sorts of bodily fluids today. It was so much that I had to laugh at times. Seriously, she's been puked on more in the few days she's been here than I think anyone ever has. God sent her here just in time.

A new baby was admitted this afternoon. From what I hear she's 12 months old. Magdalyn. I'm not sure how to spell that. She's very malnourished. Since my room was baby-free she moved in with me for the day. We've got so many sick babies in the volunteer house that she, like Josette, could not come out of my room. I've spent the day trying to coax her to eat. As of this post she's had 7 ounces. Have you ever seen a malnourished child in person? It makes me feel guilty for all of the over-indulging I've done in my lifetime. We have excess in the US.

I'm certain I'll sleep like a rock tonight, since I'll be baby free. The alarm will be set for 5:15. Just enough time to get dressed, brush my teeth, and make sure everything is packed. I will miss it here. And I will miss the kids. But I have to say, I will not miss this intense heat or the evil mosquitos they have down here. Oooh - or the black and white spiders that have lobster claws.

My sister Beck will update the blog as I make my way back so you can play a little "Where in the world is Karen?" tomorrow. Pray that I make it back and get to snuggle my family tomorrow night. Sofia, remember what I said?

It's currently thundering and lightening out. I wonder if it will rain.


p.s. Linda Emmons - I can see you here. Please consider coming next year. I've felt safe 100% of the time. Even when we ventured outside the gate for walks with the kids. Just make sure you book a flight into CAP. Then there will be nothing at all to worry about. Except those evil mosquitos...

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  1. Karen,
    This incredible journey comes to an end. I have enjoyed all your touching blogs. You are the such an inspiration to anyone who thinks they "can't" I pray for your safe return and I pray that you can enjoy much needed time with your family, you can look back on this with gratitude for everything that you got to experience, not sadness cuz you made a difference in the 10 days you got to spend there. Thank you and god bless Love Mary