Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She just smiled

Last night was the first night I was so very homesick. I was up much of the night missing Henry and Sofia, just wishing I could hold them. Fingers crossed that my flight leaves tomorrow morning. I don't know what Plan B would be.

Josette started smiling this morning. It's the sweetest little face. I tried to get a picture, but pictures just don't show how beautiful she is.

She's advanced to 4 oz per feeding and is pooping regularly. :-) And right now she's crying because she wants to be held. There's so much work to be done here that a crying baby cannot always be held. While I've gotten used to the crying, I still have a hard time with not picking them all up.

A new nurse has been here for a few days - Mindy - she's an adorably, spirited 22. She's was thrown up on from the moment she arrived. She's got Erickson, the only baby who is sick at this point. He's got it coming out of everywhere. The other day she must have changed 4 times. I feel for her, but she said she's used to it because she's a nurse. God bless all nurses.

It's the final day today. My camera will be in my pocket the whole day so I can try and capture what it's like here to share with you. There's so much of a story here. So much that needs to be shared. And so many things they need.

Well, I'd better get out there and start pulling my weight. It's going to be another crazy day today. As you sit in your AC today, picture me being puked on a few times. It's ok - you can giggle.


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  1. Hi Karen,

    I wish you safe travels home, and have enjoyed your blog so much...thank you for sharing your experiences. I'll look forward to seeing you again soon. I have a 24oz. can of formula for you if you can send it down to COTP. I will bring it with me Monday. Safe travels!

    ERIN N.