Friday, August 20, 2010

The joy, and the sorrow

The excitment for today is that the UN was here. Official truck and everything. I have no idea why they were here, and us short-term volunteers don't always hear the stories. But it made for an interesting bit of time.

An SUV arrived with 2 families including 2 babies and 3 boys I'd say ages 10-12. They were so sweet, waiting at a distance and waving. I asked if I could give them a snack - from my personal stash - and was given the OK. We can't always give out things as it will draw locals in. The food here is for the babies. At any rate, I grabbed 3 packs of granola bars from my backpack, filled up 3 glasses of water and headed out to the boys.

I called one of them over and asked him if he would like it. He smiled and said, "Bless you". The other two followed suit. I heard so many thank-you's and God bless you's - of course it made me cry. I learned how to ask if they wanted more, then proceeded to refill their glasses and give some to the minister who brought them and the 3 parents who were meeting with the RN here.

I found out they had driven about 35 miles to get here. 35 miles in Haiti can be hours of driving. There's no real road system here. A road might see 5 cars in a day, so it's not worth the expense to upkeep even the dirt roads. (paved roads are rare)

A bit later the boys were given a ball and they began playing soccor with the pastor and Nick and Nikki - the long-term couple that works here. I sat under the mango tree with Guerlin, watching them play. The boys ended up playing by themselves, having such a grand time.

At the end of a very long day for them, both babies were admitted here. I didn't hear the entire story, but one of them had lost his mother. The father was weeping as he left him here. The boy is 17 months old. Just imagine how frightened he is right now. My heart breaks for him and his father. I imagine what it would be like to have to leave Henry.

* * * * * * * * *

I am but a servant. My body is weary.
I am but a servant. My emotions are raw.
I am but a servant. I'm so very hot.
I am but a servant. I'm in love with a little girl that I have to leave here.
I am but a servant. I am so tired.
I am but a servant. My needs don't come second, or third, or fourth...
I am but a servant. I miss my children. My beautiful, healthy children.
I am but a servant. God give me strength.

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  1. Karen,
    Day #6 I have followed your journey everyday and at times felt as though I was right there with you. You write with such emotion and passion!! You have such a generous heart and strength. Hang in there the time is flying by, looking back next week you will wonder why it went so fast. Every bit of time you spend there was such a gift and every bit of it made a huge difference. Take care, Love you- Mary