Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things I know for sure

Afternoon greetings! I'm currently holding Guerlin, the 7 month old with the heart condition, so please excuse all errors.

This afternoon, these are the things 10 I know for sure:
1 - It's hot here.
2 - I smell like formula, sweat, spit up, poo, and funk. I don't know what the funk is but it's coming out of my pores.
3 - There's nothing sweeter than cuddling with a sleeping baby.
4 - I miss my kids.
5 - No matter how hungry I am, I won't try goat. Yes Beck - that was lunch.
6 - Other than goat, I dig Haitian food.
7 - I can tolerate the heat much better than I thought.
8 - My head still hurts, so maybe I can't.
9 - I love being mobbed by kids.
10 - We have it so good in the US and most of the times aren't thankful for it.

Cuddling babies and changing poopy diapers causes one to think a lot. Lucky for you, I've got a crying baby to take care of. :-)

xoxo - Karen


  1. This afternoon there are 10 things that I know for sure: 1. Alyssa and I are definitely going to go school shopping again - this time for the Haiti preschoolers. 2. My sister Karen is one hell of an amazing woman. 3. Running water is a privilege, not a right. 4. I could never eat goat either Karen. 5. I am blessed. 6. I am in shock at how time goes SO fast ( I actually called Karen a "Woman") 7. There are days when I think that I've done all that I can do...and I'm wrong. 8. I want to give Karen a hug right now. 9.Life is too short! 10. God is good! All the time! I love you Karen! Deb

  2. headache is the first sign of dehydration. I know you're a good water drinker, but you're gonna have to do even better!