Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bananas, Worship and Haircuts, oh my!

First things first, you have not had a banana until you've had one direct from the tree in Haiti. They are sweet and tart and so much softer. It will take me a long time to eat one back home.

You have not worshipped until you have attending a service with Haitian women. They have beautiful songs, beautiful voices, and a beautiful language. Though I didn't understand a word, it was incredibly moving.

You have not experienced peace until nap time with 35 babies.

And you don't know patience...until you try to update a blog with a premie sleeping in your arms.

I bought a present for Sofia today. Can't say what it is because she's reading the blog. Sorry kiddo - you'll have to wait. The gentleman that works here asked if anyone wanted to purchase it. One of the volunteers said the price was a bit inflated. In a place like this, it seems wrong to barter. I paid equal to three day's wages in Haiti for her present. And I did so gladly. (Can you guess what the wages are? Pretty sure you'd never complain about your next raise again.)

Today is very busy, yet I have a break right now. The babies are napping. When that's done my next chore is haircuts for the boys. I'm so thankful that I do Jason's hair. I hear him in my head saying that if I go too fast it hurts. He's got coarse hair - not quite as thick as the boys down here. But all I think it "Go slow Karen, or you'll hurt them." They get cookies to eat as an incentive to be good. That only goes so far.

So today I'm covered in sweat, the all popular funk, spit up, pee, and now HAIR! Showers are a beautiful thing in the evening.

I attended the worship this morning. They do it every morning after breakfast. When I walked thru the gate into the baby area I started to cry. I'm telling you, the emotions are right there. I'm trying so hard to not let them out. (I'm too tired at night to cry) They were singing the most beautiful song. I grabbed my phone to record it but got back too late. Hopefully they sing it again.

A huge box of the handbags arrived today! Thank you to everyone who donated. I'm not sure when we get to hand them out. I'll try to take pictures, but cameras are not popular here in Haiti. Fingers crossed.

It's lunch time. There's some fried deliciousness out there calling my name. No clue what it is but it doesn't involve any meat. It will do terrible things for my upset tummy, but right now I don't care.

Please - always be thankful for what you have. I want every one of you to come here with me so you truly understand what I mean.


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  1. If you have them with you, try using the hair creams I sent to you, for hair without natural oils like ours. Hopefully they will make the grooming process easier and less painful. :) I'm so proud of you Karen. I'd love to sink my hands into some of those little curls right now and give hugs to each one of those babies. Here is a BIG cyber HUG for you!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love and Prayers, Dawn