Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I love

Good early morning greetings again. Josette was up 3 times last night, and I'm officially tired. Someone offered to take her last night and I didn't want to give her up, but I think I'll take the sleep tonight. It was really hard getting up. She just ate, and I'm wide away for the day. Needing that cup of coffee now.

As I was dozing off last night I was thinking about all the things I love about Children of the Promise. Amongst the chaos, sickness, and poverty, this place is love and peace and hope. They take in sick babies, special needs babies, and those without parents. They aren't an orphanage - they are an infant care center. I've finally learned to say that. Some of the kids will just stay a couple of months while the parents get settled, or the child gets healthy, and they will go back home. Some of them are indeed given up for adoption because a parent has passed away, or left, or they simply cannot provide for the child.

It's beautiful here. The kids are fed, and bathed, and loved. They have swingsets, a few toys, and even movies in English at night. Last night it was Kid's Favorite Songs from Sesame Street. They kept looking at me as I sang all the words. It was pretty cute.

The accommodations for staff and volunteers are nicer than I expected. We have showers, flushing toilets, a kitchen, and 2 meals a day with the exception of Sunday. Today we're on our own.

Some asked about cribs - they each have their own crib to sleep in. There are clothes here, but they need more. Any child that leaves the gate must be dressed and have shoes or socks on. They are always dressed up when a parent comes to visit. That's the Haitian way.

Everything is used here. Everything. Unless it's puked or spit up, a drop of formula is not wasted. They reuse plastic containters, bags, cardboard. Talk about the ultimate recyclers.

We are not black and white. We're actually brown and tan. Or in my case, brown and pasty white with red spots. All children - regardless of race or location - have the same needs. They want to be cuddled when they hurt, fed when they are hungry bathed when they are dirty, played with, sang to, kissed and snuggled.

* * * * * * *

Today I might get to attend church. I didn't pack a skirt, so it's up in the air a bit if I'll be able to. They dress nicer here than you'd ever imagine. I don't want to offend them, and at the same time I want to experience it. I'm sure it will be hot and loud and full of spirit.

My stomach was better yesterday. It was toast, applesauce and Sprite for me all day. Hopefully when I attempt to put real food in there isn't another revolt. I guess it's just what happens down here.

I feel lighter today. You could probably tell by my last post that my emotions were changing a bit. Things are still heavy here. I still cry. But I'm starting to see more joy and happiness. I guess I've settled into the routine that is Children of the Promise.

I will look at what I have so much differently now. This is something that everyone should experience. We are so excessive in the US. Have to have the biggest, best, most expensive. That makes me sick now. I have a house, 2 cars, a job, food on the table, and a medical system that I will not complain about. I wish people in the US could see that. I saw an article on Yahoo titled "How to complain to get what you want". It reminds me of the Splenda guy at Starbucks. Just appreciate what you have.

I will not complain about my job, or my car with 97,000 miles on it, or my house, or our medical system, the clothes I have, the food I eat, or what toys I don't have. I am coming back with such an appreciation for what I DO have.

I am not broken. But I am forever changed.

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  1. Oh yes indeed Karen..Im so so proud of us all here stood by ur side thru reading all ur post will feel the same way..appreciate what we have n u know many things r playing in my mind when the time i eat, i think of the ppl, babies which they dun have food to eat, when i shower, i think of them they dun have clean water to shower, when i wash n fold my clothes, i will think, i have clothes to wear n have detergent to wash but they dun have nice clothes n probally just a soap to wash their clothes..i have car but they have to walk, i have hse but they dun have shelter..the most important that i always think about is when i feed Daniel, take bath for him, put him on a nice clothes, buy toys for him..he have sad which i always think of the babies that dun have enough food, no shelter, no parents love n have nothing..thats breaks my heart

    I also be thanksful n appreciate too for i have now n no complaint..

    Karen, u truly open up everyones heart..

    Thanks u for being my wonderful friend..i respect n admired u..

    take care there..May God bless u always
    Pls send my hugs n kisses to everyone there