Friday, August 5, 2011

The most special gift

Have you ever received a gift that touched your heart so much you wanted to cry with joy? Something so simple, but so thoughtful, it's as though the giver knew what the perfect gift would be?

Last weekend Sofia got in trouble. I can't even remember what it was about, most likely something really silly. She stormed off to her room and closed the door. Not very gently, mind you. Then she got quiet. Really quiet.

I gave her a few minutes, then opened her door to see what she was doing.

This is what I walked into.

A closer look.

She learned how to do this at bible camp this summer. The foot technique makes me smile.

I turned around and closed the door, leaving her to her work.

A few minutes later she walked out, and handed the bracelet to me. She was in there making me a gift. The perfect gift. A gift that made me cry.

Sofia wove 5 colors of string together. Each had its own meaning.
Blue for Henry. He's blue, of course
Pink for herself. Obviously. (I swore I wouldn't color-code my children.)
Orange for her father. Henry says that orange is tiny and her dad is not tiny.
Purple for me. No reason why.
Then there's brown. Brown for her little sister.

Because her little sister is brown.

She helped me tie the bracelet on my wrist. A constant reminder of the true, pure love of a little girl.

The most special gift.

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  1. I'm tearing up reading this post. Beautiful in so many ways. This is such a great outlet for Sofia to work through her emotions etc. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Deb