Friday, August 26, 2011

Christmas in August!

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. Let's start before August ends!

We're going to sponsor all of the kids at Children of the Promise again. It will be a little different from last year. Here are the basics, so you can start planning.
* You still get to choose a child (or more) to send presents too.
* We'll focus on the basics - clothing, food, diapers - plus a toy or two.
* This year I'm going to ask everyone to ship their own boxes. The adoption has us kinda low on funds.
* Boxes still need to be sent in early November.

Start scouring those clearance racks for summer clothes and shoes. Stock up on diapers. And find yourself a big box that you can start filling up. It's never too early to get started. Heck, if you fill the box up now, you can ship it right away and just start over!

Check out the babies here. Nikensly and Theo are already taken. (Thanks Kris!)

Let's fill their depot from the floor to the ceiling and give this kids the best Christmas ever.


  1. The Peterson's would like to send gifts to Sabine
    and Manno if that is ok! Anna P

  2. We would like to send gifts to Christela. Deb T.

  3. Karen, Joshua would like to sponsor Joshua, and Shawn would like to sponsor Sabine!

    Thanks for initiating this again this year!
    Erin & Wayne Nierenhausen

  4. Manno and Kenlove...Peterson's :)
    Very Exciting thanks for doing this!