Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday - not a day of rest

Wow - what a crazy day. The team met in the lobby at 9am and took the bus to the hospital to get set up for tomorrow's surgeries. The anticipation was high. This is the first trip with ICHF for many, and we were anxious to see the hospital.

First things first - everyone who told me to wear a long-sleeve shirt under my scrubs while in the OR - you made me laugh today! I've got a feeling that there won't be a single moment that I'm cold while I'm here. While the OR and ICU do have air conditioning, most of the rest of the building does not.

The joyous moment of the day was meeting the baby from COTP who had spent a few weeks here in the hospital. I went around the corner to the ECHO room and there he was with his mother. I recognized him from pictures, but was shocked at how absolutely tiny he is. As soon as I held him I started to cry. I've read his story on their blog and couldn't believe I was finally meeting him.

Here's a picture from the ECHO room. You can't even imagine how many people were in there.
While I couldn't communicate with his parents, I spoke the language of 'mom' with his mother. She has put total trust in God that His will be done with this little guy. Such hope and faith. Out of respect for his family, I will let COTP share about the results of today's visit.

It was hard to see them go, but I'm thankful to have met them.

Compared to what my time was like last year in Haiti, the start to this feels like a vacation. I'm again back in my air conditioned room with wifi access, sipping a diet Coke which tastes so much better than what we have in the states. (Yah I know - I gave up diet Coke. But I need something to keep me it's delish!)

Tomorrow morning, the first surgery happens. If you're on Facebook 'LIKE' International Children's Heart Foundation. I'll be updating their page in the evening when I'm done with my shift. Please pray for successful surgeries for these beautiful children.

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