Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home again, home again

I can't wait to see my kids. Have I said that yet? Tomorrow will be a long travel day. I won't be home until after midnight, but I'm going to wake them up as soon as I walk in the door. It's been 9 interesting and amazing days, and it's time to get home and kiss my family.

Today we drove through the mountains to the beach. I didn't bring a suit with me, so I sat on the beach in a skirt. It didn't matter - I just wanted to lay down and listen to the waves. The team so deserves this break.

The team received this gift from a local doctor. He paid for day passes for everyone to an all-inclusive resort. They got to eat, drink and relax.

Here's Dr. Humberto Rodriguez taking a nap. I love this man.

Sweet little Maria was extubated late last night. Sorry that I was not able to post that sooner. It was a wonderful message to get before we left for the day.

Tomorrow I'll head to the hospital with 4 of the team members, then I'm off to the airport at 11:30. It's bittersweet. I'm ready to get home to my kids, but I'm not ready to leave this group. I completely love the family we have here. It's amazing how a group of individuals can come together from all over the world, and bond the way we have.

Before heading back to Santiago tonight I had to say goodbye to most everyone. I will miss them. A beautiful group of individuals who gave their time and skills to save children with broken hearts.

I'll post tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get to Miami. Hopefully I'll have pictures of a smiling Maria.

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