Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 minutes

In 30 minutes I'll be on the bus to the airport. Today I have a peace and calm about me. Not sure if it's because I'm going home or if it's because I now have a full picture of what this organization does for children who wouldn't otherwise have a chance.

I just emailed my adopting-mom friend Sarah that I could travel to every country and find children and organizations worthy of my time and efforts. While God may decide otherwise, right now it feels like this is where I'm meant to be. COTP and ICHF have my heart, time and commitment.

This morning a few of us went to the hospital. I was thankful to be able to see sweet Maria one more time before leaving. She's not happy - and she did not smile. I wouldn't smile either if my chest had been cracked open. From what I understand, she's going to make a full recovery. The team will see that sweet smile before they leave next week.

Here's a little perspective on Maria's situation. As you could tell from the pictures, she was a very happy little girl. From the outside you'd never know what was going on in her heart. She basically had 4 different things that needed to be repaired. With her condition she'd live until about 20, then her heart would just give out. Right now she's one ticked off little girl, but this surgery has given her time and life and a chance to grow old. I wish I could have told her that.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Humberto - the surgeon on the trip - brought a few of us to a friend of his so we could purchase souvenirs. I'm so thankful to have an 'inside' connection. I was able to spend my very last peso in this man's shop and get a few really fun things. Of course I can't post what they are because Sofia reads this and I truly enjoy the torture of making her wait to see what I've bought for her. I know - mean mom.

Look at what I saw on the way to the market.

I'm thankful for health. I'm thankful for my children. I'm thankful to have had this opportunity.

And I'm thankful to be heading home.

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