Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something to Complain About

I have loved Starbucks since my AIDS Ride days. Any organization that's going to follow me for 6 days while I bike to Chicago and brew my coffee at 4am is going to keep my business for years to come.

The other morning I stopped by Starbucks to get a coffee before heading to work. Since there were no other cars in the drive-thru I was able to talk to my favorite person there. I've always looked at her job as one of the happiest on the planet. You get to serve coffee to people and make their day. Every time I've been there, no matter what time of day, no matter what state I'm in, they are ALWAYS the most wonderful, cheery people. I love the place!

She shared with me that not everyone she serves is, shall I say, very delightful to deal with. My response? "How can anyone possibly rude?! This is Starbucks!!" I guess my glasses are a different color.

A few days later I was walking into the store so I could pick up the free used grounds they give away. (I use them in my gardens.) There was a guy in the drive-thru, screaming his high maintenance order to the barista. "I said TWO packets of Splenda!!"

It's coffee. How can people be so rude about coffee?

It really got me thinking. What are we really complaining about? Do we feel we have such rights that if someone doesn't serve us our grande-sugar-free-vanilla-half-caff-half-decaf-no-foam-extra-hot-latte we can scream at the employee? I don't get it. Mr. Man in the SUV - life's too short.

How about the people in Haiti. What do they have to complain about?

We don't understand how good we've got it here. From toilets, to roads, to Target, to Starbucks. We have so much.

My favorite quote of all times and words to live by:

"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it."

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