Sunday, June 20, 2010

The other day I was reading an article in the Star Tribune about a 3 year old boy who was orphaned by the quake. A woman from the states became very attached to him and wishes to adopt him. Adoptions out of Haiti took years before the quake, and now they're on hold. As I read the article, I could understand both sides, yet my heart breaks for a child who has found the warmth of a mother's arms.

Haiti Article

My heart breaks for little Sonson and for Tamara. As I look at my 2 year old, I can't think too much about what would happen to him if we were gone. It fills me with sadness and anxiety. I'm thankful every day that he has an amazing father who stays home with him. Kisses him, hugs away his boo-boos, and is a constant in his life.

On this Father's Day, I pray that all children around the world who are without a father know they have one father who is always with them. A father who will never leave them and who is constantly wrapping his loving arms around them. Abba - Father - God.

I ask that today and all days you pray for the little ones in the world who are without a family. Pray that they will be safe, cared for, loved. Pray that they will always feel the love of their constant Father.

I close out this post with tears in my eyes. Since I've accepted the postcard, tears seem to be a constant for me. My heart wants to save them all.

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