Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm in love

OK blog friends - I need you to keep a secret for me. I'm in love and can't let my husband know. His name is Theo. He's got beautiful brown eyes that just draw me in. I look at his picture every day and I'm constantly thinking about him.

You've guessed it - he's one of the babies at Children of the Promise. My heart fell for him the first time I saw his picture. You can check him out here:

Theo has severe hydrocephalus. (Google it if you've never heard of it) The first picture that was posted of him showed a baby in terrible pain. He hadn't had shunt surgery. The pressure of the spinal fluid in his head must have been terrible. After the earthquake, American doctors who were in Haiti operated on him and he got his shunt. The picture that was posted after his surgery brought tears to my eyes. Finally - relief.

Theo touched my heart because my 17 year old nephew has hydrocephalus. I wonder what would have happened to my sister if she lived in Haiti. Most likely she and her son would not have lived through the delivery. I've seen all of the surgeries, therapy, treatments and challenges my nephew has endured over his 17 years. It makes me wonder about Theo and how he'll fare long-term. It also amazes me that he's made it this far. Theo has a purpose here on earth.

When I arrive at Children of the Promise on August 16th, I hope Theo is the first baby I get to hold. I'm saving up a lot of snuggles and kisses just for him.

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