Saturday, June 12, 2010

GIve til it Hurts a Little

I always wonder where we got it. My sisters and me. Was there one event in our childhood that made us this way? Is it something our mother did?

This weekend my sister Kris is on the MS150 with my super cool niece Lou. They biked 75 miles today, the last 10 in the rain. Tomorrow they'll get up and do another 75. My sister Becky is currently in LA and just finished crewing the CA AIDS Ride. Her team had 6 days of schlepping water and poodle skirts to feed and entertain the riders who biked from San Fran to LA.

All four of us have given money, raised money, walked, biked, baked, organized, asked, and sweat. Adult, child, animal. If there's a need, the Opland girls will step in and take care of it the best we can. We're fundraisers, advocates, and some of the hardest working volunteers you'll ever meet. (We're pretty darn good at being lazy too.)

During one of Becky's fundraising events, she had the greatest quote on her ask letter: "Give til it hurts a little, for those who hurt a lot". It made me think about the story in the Bible about the widow's mite. All she had left to her name were two coins, and she donated them. (Mark 12:41-44)

Last Sunday I was talking to a gentleman at church who's a pilot. He flies into Haiti on a regular basis and gave me some pointers on what to expect when I get there. He said the first thing I'll notice is the smell. But no worries, I'll get used to it. He said the good news is that I'll lose lots of weight due to the stomach ailment most people who visit there get. He also talked about the poverty and said we truly don't understand what that means. We worry about losing our cars, where the people of Haiti worry about their next meal, which might be days away.

I'm sure many things will shock and sadden me what I land in Cap-Haitien. Third world. Having lived my entire life in the US, I truly have no concept of what that means.

It costs $300 per month to care for each baby. Clothing, diapers, formula, medical attention, and more. Will you please consider giving to help the babies? Give for Wilson, Odelande, Daniel, Robert, Rachel, and sweet little Theo who I cannot wait to snuggle and kiss.

Give til it hurts a little - for those who hurt a lot.

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