Monday, June 7, 2010

#1 Question

When I tell people I'm going to Haiti, the very first thing they ask me is, "Are you going to bring any kids home?" Anyone who knows me knows my answer. I'd bring home as many as I could. Just fill up the plane. Our house is very modest by US standards. By tent camp standards, it's a palace. I'm sure we could comfortably fit 50 kids in here.

Adoptions out of Haiti were closed soon after the quake. The adoptions that were already in process were expedited and they got those kids out of there as soon as they could. But when it comes to new adoptions, it's not possible right now. Even getting a child out on a medical visa is difficult. And we've all seen the news. You can't just take kids out of Haiti, even with the best of intentions.

Kittens and kids.
We started out with one cat - Phoebe. She's a fat, happy calico. A few winters ago, the neighbor kicked their kitten outside in the cold. My husband told me to not let him in. What do you think I did? He was just a tiny kitten and he didn't eat much. Just two cats. It's a good number.

My daughter and I started volunteering at a rescue program. There was a 13 year old cat. He so needed a forever home to spend his final years. "Three cats, please? I'll clean all of the litter boxes and never complain."

We were at the rescue the day a kitten named Squeaks was brought back by his adopted mom. He was having seizures and she wasn't able to deal with it. He temporarily lost his vision and would back himself into a corner and just sit there. "I'll only take him until he's better. Once he's healthy again, we'll bring him back to the rescue."

We now have four cats. You can understand my husband's concern about me traveling to Haiti.

When I see my two children playing, I see another little boy in the mix. I can see him - whoever he is - standing by my children. If it's meant to be, some day we'll have another member of our family.

But I more cats.

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