Friday, March 25, 2016

Last Day

Today was my final day in Haiti. We woke up early so we could spend more time at the land. The first thing I did was sort their Mothers Day shirts that we're selling! If you want more information, go to my mom's Facebook page. 

I made a few bracelets with the bead ladies. I asked Louisemene to do my hair and she braided it and added beads. So bel(beautiful)! The moms had one education class today because they leave early on Fridays. My mom filmed them singing because their song is about them thanking Jenn and Amy for Second Mile. It is a beautiful thing to listen to!

I played with Carelovedine and Richard some more. I took a picture with Carelovedine before we left. One interesting thing that my mom and I talked about was how I view things different than she does. We saw some kids kicking a rock or a piece of fruit around and trying to get it in between two sticks sticking out of the ground. I said that they were playing soccer, and that they were being creative with what they had. My mom said that she feels bad that they don't have a real soccer ball. I seem to see the good in hard situations. This shows that everyone views things differently. 

Haiti was a different experience for me, and I viewed it the way that I view everything: find the good in things. You can apply this back to your life. This is the main thing that Haiti has taught me. Not that people are less privileged in other countries. Not that I'm lucky to live where I do. Find the good in things. And in people. And in life. 

Lots of love,
Sofia ❤️


  1. Love you! Safe travels back home.

  2. Beautiful Sofia! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your time in Haiti when I see you on Sunday. (I hope your hair could stay braided until then.
    Love you!