Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 2 Part 2

After COTP, we took the long, bumpy road to Second Mile. A nice man named Errod drove us around today. The people who live on those streets are the poorer Haitians. All of them, mothers, fathers, and children, were working hard out there. It helped me realize that most Americans take the richness of our country and use it as an excuse to be lazy. Seeing these people working so hard is making me want to do more for my community. I already volunteer in two places, but there's more I could do at home.

It was amazing to finally see the Second Mile land. My dad, who is known of as Jenson there, has done lots of work, so it was cool seeing all of the things I have seen from pictures. Some of the people he worked with remembered him and my mom, who was Madam Jenson to them, and they called me Petit (small or child) Jenson. Jenn gave us a great tour of the whole land. The gardens were huge! They had bigger corn plants than I have ever seen in the US.  They had banana trees, carrots, onions, spinach, moringa, beans, peppers, and chaya.

I saw someone making coconut oil, and we're taking back some mango jam. If you know how I felt about the mangoes here, then you can assume how overjoyed I am to try the jam!!!! I stayed to watch an education class about cholera. They watched videos in Creole and sang songs at the end. My mom was playing with the kids and I was in the office next to the education building typing my previous blog post. My mom couldn't not play with the kids, of course.

We had a great dinner made by Lalita. It was quinoa and roasted vegetables with beans. It was very good, but the heat must mess with my appetite, because I haven't been too hungry all day! I'll post again tomorrow. We're going to the land all day!

Lots of love,

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