Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 3

Last night, the power went out for a while, so we were unable to fall asleep, sweating uncontrollably. The roosters crowed at dawn again, waking both of us up. We came downstairs for a delicious breakfast of mangoes, bananas, apples, and oranges. After that, we packed up all of the beads we brought here. I worked with the beading ladies at the Second Mile land for most of the day. I taught the ladies how to make bracelets, organized the containers and then went outside.

I watched two more education classes today. Most of the kids were crying during these classes, which my mom can't stand. She left the bead room to go hold babies. They didn't sing at the end of each class today, but it was still cool to see. The teacher would say something and the moms would say it back. It was all in Creole, of course, so I couldn't understand any of it.

I played with kids during the classes so they wouldn't bother their parents. Two of the little girls I played with stood out to me. They were sisters, but their parents had died, so they lived with their grandmother, their aunt, and their cousins.Their cousins were twin babies, and these girls were taking care of them. They held the babies for the whole first class. The grandma came and took one of them, and my mom held the other one. Both of the sisters loved my hair! They took turns putting it in a ponytail.  The oldest girl, whose name I don't know, took a hair binder from her hair (which was beautiful!) and put it in my hair. I offered it back to her after a few minutes, but she insisted that I keep it.

After that, she wanted to play a hand game with me. It was hard communicating with her because she spoke Creole. She showed me what to do and we played for over 15 minutes. I took pictures with them and sadly had to go. The amazing thing was that they were so happy this whole time! Their cousins were crying, but they never wiped that smile off of their faces. I hope I can play with them again either tomorrow or Friday! Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,


  1. Wonderful! A breakfast of fruit sounds perfect. Probably got back some of the body fluid you two lost during your night of heat filled sleep.

    It sounds like you are able to help the beaders with their work and organization. I couldn't think of anyone more fit for that job.

    I pictured the girls falling in love with your hair. It is beautiful. I loved braiding your hair! I can only imagine how they see it!

    I continue to love reading your blog. Thanks for taking us all along with you Sofia.

    Aunt Deb