Thursday, June 23, 2011

Known by God

We applied for a grant through Show Hope - Steven Curtis Chapman's organization. After they received our application they sent us a wonderful little book that has a 14-day devotion. This book is exactly what I need. Each day when I read it, that day's devotion is exactly what I need to hear. Here is an excerpt from Day 10.

Statistics like "143 million orphans worldwide" and "every fourteen seconds another child is orphaned to HIV/AIDS" can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Yet, it is critical to remember that God knows each and every one of these children individually - knows their specific circumstances - and that He has unique plans and desires for them. Thinking that helping one child will not do much to alleviate such great suffering is a lie. It makes a profound difference in that child's life and affects those whom she touches.

Let us imagine God's perspective. When someone adopts once of these orphans, it is as though God is saying, "Little one, you are so special to me. I knew where you were, and I picked you out and placed you here - I knew you would be here from the beginning of time."

The nameless and faceless orphan found in statistics is by no means nameless or faceless to God! In the world of adoption, we can be confident that nothing surprises our God, and what looks like "Plan B' for us or our children may in fact have been God's "Plan A" all long.

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