Saturday, July 9, 2011

You get what you pray for

First things first - an adoption update. Are you ready for it? The ticker right above this post is 1-1-1. One month, one week, one day since we accepted our referral. Or 9 months and change since we started the adoption process.

Well, there's no update. Nothing. No word, no news, no update. We continue to wait. So I do the only thing I can - pray. Keep her safe. Bring her home. Don't forget that I'm still waiting for that life purpose. And do you think there's any way I could get to the DR in August? I know it's crazy, but if I can't go to Haiti I'd like to travel with ICHF on their next medical mission.

Where does my mind come up with this stuff?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Lawn mowing is my Saturday chore. Jason does the laundry, vacuums, picks up, shops for groceries, does the dishes and manages the house. I mow. It seems like a good balance, if you ask me. (I also bring home the soy bacon and fry it up in a pan, so don't think I'm a total slacker.)

A few weeks ago I was out mowing, lost in thought as I listened to music and twirled around trees on my zero turn radius mower. All of a sudden there was a tap on my shoulder. "Karen, I think you should contact Dr. Gilbert and see if he needs any volunteer help." Huh. That's interesting. Dr. Gilbert performs heart surgeries in other countries. I only speak English and I can't remember the big words used to describe Sofia's broken arm. Must be my crazy thinking again. Dr. Gilbert, a cardiac surgeon, doesn't want me to bother him.

The tap got a little louder. "Karen, I meant it. You might think this is your crazy thinking, but it's MINE. Just send an email. You never know what will happen."

I finished circling around the trees, brushed myself off, and went in to send the email. The entire time I was sending it I still thought it was a little nuts. Pretty sure God is used to his wishes being perceived as nuts.

Dr. Gilbert was in Equador, on the latest medical mission with International Children's Heart Foundation. Yet this man, this MD, this surgeon who is saving babies, responded to my email. They have a need. Grant writing. What experience do I have, he asks.

Within another 24 hours a different person from ICHF emailed. He wanted to talk. I hadn't seen this name before, but my heart sank when I saw his title - CEO. Why does a CEO want to talk to me? Oh God, you've gone and done it again.

Fast forward to July 4th. I'm sitting in Starbucks waiting to meet Alberto, the CEO of ICHF. The meeting was a whirlwind. I could tell instantly why he has the title he does. In about 90 minutes I was taken on as a volunteer grant writer, had an ICHF email address, and was scheduled to go on their next medical mission trip.

I shouldn't be amazed, but even right now I still am. I got what I prayed for.

In August I'll be traveling to the Dominican Republic. (Didn't I write earlier that I wanted to get there?) It's hard to describe how excited I am. There are many beautiful things, and here are just a couple:
1 - I get to meet Dr. Gilbert. He has been an amazing help with the COTP heart babies.
2 - Guerlin might be there for surgery.
3 - I get to see Amy, the amazing RN at COTP. I love her.
4 - I will probably see open heart surgery right in the OR. gulp

My role title is AYAF - Anything You Ask For. Whatever they need, I'll do. Sort, organize, take pictures, hold babies, blog, update their FB site.

Someone - please pinch me.

You get what you pray for. Have you given it a try?

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