Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stress and humor and losing my mind

My dear friend Windie is encouraging me to post this. I realize that many of my posts are intense. My time in Haiti was intense. Hearing about babies dying is intense. Even the adoption process is intense. But there is still joy and laughter in life, and it's usually at the expense of my ego. This past week I've prove to be really human. I guess this post is the naked truth about Karen.

I've been working really hard to finish up our adoption paperwork. Waiting two weeks without my medical letter and lab report, patiently waiting for French translations, depending on others to finish up so we can start the legal process for bringing our daughter home. This past week has been crazy. I needed ONE blood test completed so we could get our referral. It was my fault it was missed. I could not find the paperwork to give to my midwife so she could order the right tests. In my hyper-organization I put the sheet in my purse - which meant I couldn't find it while I was at the clinic. She ordered the bloodwork, and one critical test was missed.

What does this mean? No referral. Until the adoption agency knows I have a clean bill of health, they won't cough up the name of our daughter. I'm frantic. I'm going crazy. And I'm losing my mind.

Here is my week. Actually, this is just one day. One day of being human and having to laugh at myself as I completely lose my mind. This happened on Tuesday.

* * * * * * *

I just called to report my debit card lost. I used it last on Sunday at the bagel shop with the high school kids from church. The gal says, "I see your last transaction as $59.60 today..."

My heart sinks. Someone is using my card!

"At the Nestle employee store..." (Side note - I work for Nestle)

I'm confused. How could I have used my card if I haven't seen it in two days? Then it hits me. Like a ton of bricks. It's in my pants pocket because I don't want to carry my purse into the store.

The very serious, by-the-book call center rep starts laughing at me. I totally deserve it. "Can I help you with anything else?" "Yes, can you help me get my mind back?"

This happened after I got locked in my car. My door wouldn't unlock after I got back from the employee store. Kept trying to get out - lock, unlock - try the door. Lock - unlock - try the door. Finally I see Kevin from Accounting so I figure he can help me out. So I....

roll down my window and call him over. You know, to see if he can open the door for me.

And then I realize...with the window open...I can just try myself. But Kevin is there. And he's looking SUPER confused at me.

Later in the day I meet Kevin in the hallway and he busts out laughing and says, "Karen, there just aren't words."

* * * * * * *

I'm human. And I'm a mom. And I just want to bring my daughter home. In my depending on others to get things done for me, I'm slowly losing my mind - locking myself in my car and losing my debit card in my own pants.

If I could control this all, she would be home faster. And I'm pretty sure I'd be brilliant at all times.

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  1. Oh Karen, what could I possibly say or do to make the bad things stop? I love you and yours to death, no one is more deserving. From one certifiably crazy chick to another, sometimes all we can do is laugh long and hard.

    p.s. Stop being so organized or pin a note to your forehead. :)

    Mary SP