Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Children and Clearance Racks

This past Sunday the kids at our church put their handprints on bags for Children of the Promise. They use these bags to deliver supplies to the hospital when babies are admitted. If you remember my post from when I was in Haiti, the hospital provides only medical care. No food, linens, diapers, bathing. Just medical care. COTP has a nanny at the hospital for 72-hour shifts to care for the babies who are there. As you can imagine, they go thru a lot of these bags!

Here's a picture of my baby, putting her loving touch on one of the bags.

I'm so excited to ship these down. The kids had fun painting them. Even though they don't know where Haiti is, and maybe the don't understand what they'll be used for, having them help is planting the seed for future giving.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's been beautiful here in WI/MN, so I took a short break at lunch to get outside and enjoy the weather. My break took me to Target, where I was going to purchase Christmas presents for the babies my kids are sponsoring for Christmas. In my quest to find cute outfits for them both, I hit the mother-load of shorts on clearance. Don't tell Jason, but I bought about 35 pair. I've never been so excited to spend money on something that I'll never use in my own home or with my own kids. It's a new purpose.

Speaking of new purpose, I'm amazed as I watch others become passionate about providing for the babies. The postcard is so clear to me. This is such a God thing. One short trip and others have become inspired to give. It's such a joy to sit back and hear all of the excitement as people are purchasing Christmas presents for the babies. You go God - look at what you're doing!!

Thanks to you all who are out shopping for the babies, and those who have given additional items. My prayer is that this continues long past Christmas.

My question of the day - are you coming to Haiti with me next summer? Just askin'.

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