Sunday, October 24, 2010

THE Christmas Challenge

To all the awesome Christmas sponsors - if you are shipping your presents direct, please let me know when they go out. I'll update this post as the gifts are shipped. Thanks to you ALL for taking care of the babies and getting so much of this shipped out early. Since there's only so much room on the plane each week, getting everything out early will ensure it arrives by Christmas.

The original Christmas challenge will post as soon as all the gifts ship. As we wait for that post, I'd love to hear what you all think the real meaning of Christmas is. Please respond to this post with your answer.

Here are the updates:

SHIPPED! Rivaldo: November 2008, Male - Alyssa T

SHIPPED! Mack: Feb 2008, Male - Courtney P/Erin N

SHIPPED! Odelande: October 2008, Female - Anna P

SHIPPED! Irlene: August 2008, Female - Betsy M

SHIPPED! Joshua: May 2006, Male - Betsy M

SHIPPED! Pierre: December 2007, Male - Carol P

SHIPPED! Nickensly: March 2009, Male - Kris S

SHIPPED! Wadney: December 2008, Male - Amber Teal & Amanda Thalacker

SHIPPED! Jackson: November 2009, Male - Betsy M

SHIPPED!Mickenson: August 2007, Male - Meghan Forney & Joelle Evenson

SHIPPED! Jerry: July 2009, Male - Kris S

SHIPPED! Frandley: April 2009, Male - Allison Quinser & Katlyn Moes

SHIPPED! Wedly: March 2009, Male - Onka

Wednaldy (Eddie): May 2009, Male - Lisa and Cedric

SHIPPED! Wilson: August 2008, Male - Jordan Rodgers

SHIPPED! Magdaline: September 2009, Female - Deb T

SHIPPED! Guerlande: - Erin N

SHIPPED! Anel: July 2008, Male - Kathy O

SHIPPED! Jedson: November 2009, Male - Andrea Cizabar & Becky Grimme

SHIPPED! Ericson: December 2009, Male - Hannah Anna Banana

Lou: Feb 2010, Male - Cedric and Lisa

SHIPPED! Rodney: April 2010, Male - Jaclyn

SHIPPED! Robert: April 2010, Male - Jaclyn

SHIPPED! Davidson: November 2009, Male - Amanda & Liz Kriz

SHIPPED! Dalenka: Feb 2009, Female - Sofia G

SHIPPED! Eventz: Feb 2009, Male - Alyssa T

SHIPPED! Kenlove: October 2009, Male - Henry G

SHIPPED! Natalie: December 2008, Female - Kathy O

SHIPPED! Rosemerlin: June 2009, Female - Kristy M

SHIPPED! Theo: April 2009, Male - Kris S

SHIPPED! Ashka: November 2008 - Erin N

Daniella: May 2010, Female - Rainee

SHIPPED! Chelie: - Hannah Anna Banana

SHIPPED! Sammy: - Melissa C

SHIPPED! Issaha (Isaiah): September 2010, Male - Carol G

SHIPPED! Assmessi: September 2010, Male - Deb T

SHIPPED! Djolande: April 2009, Female - Mandy T

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