Friday, October 1, 2010

In Memory of Josette

Here comes the Christmas challenge. Well, this is the FIRST part of the Christmas challenge. Consider this your PRE-Christmas challenge!! We are taking all of the babies for Christmas. Oh how I wish that meant they would be here for Christmas. Since that's not possible, let's bring Christmas to THEM!!

Here's your pre-Christmas challenge: adopt one of the COTP kids for Christmas. Buy them presents, fill a stocking, make their Christmas the best they've ever had.

I'll have a detailed wish-list posted next week. For now, you can go to the COTP website and pick which child you're like to adopt. I'll reserve their wishes just for you!! Email me at: with the name.

Here's a BONUS challenge - include a pack of diapers (WalMart generics are cheap and great) along with a can of formula. Fill a stocking, fill their bellies...and then they'll fill a diaper! I think it's a win-win-win idea.

My Christmas present to you? I will pay to ship the items - at least for those of you who are local. Items must be received the 1st of November for immediate shipment. If you're out-of-state I'll get you the shipping information to Florida.

I'm asking you all to please do this in the memory of my sweet little Josette. I would give anything to have her home for Christmas. One day we'll meet again. For now, let's make the rest of the kids have a very merry Christmas.

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If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
Mother Teresa


  1. I'm so in. Honestly, I can't pick one. Just pick one for me. How can you look at them all on the website and select? Give me one of your special children and I will be happy. :) Melissa C.

  2. Wedley! I'm in!

  3. I'm also in! Merry Christmas Magdalyn!

  4. Karen, we would like to "adopt" a child for Christmas! We are not picky about who we's too hard to choose! Just give us a wishlist from one of the kiddo's! ERIN and The Nierenhausen'S!

  5. I am also in, Karen. Please choose a child for me!

  6. I'd love to "adopt" Rosemerlin... she and I share a birthday! When the time comes, if there are other kids that haven't been chosen, please let me know. I'd be happy to help others as well! Thanks, Karen! (Your big heart is an inspiration.) -- Kristy Martin

  7. Alyssa would like to get gifts for Eventz and Rivaldo, and Drew would like to give gifts for Lou. Peace, Deb

  8. I also would like to "adopt" a child. Please choose one for me and let me know what this child needs. (I am Kristy Martin's Mom)
    Thank you Karen!

  9. I believe that Asmessi is the other one that we would love to shower with Christmas love. I accidently bought preemie clothes for COTP and this sweet preemie baby came just after that. It's a sign. Deb, Drew,and Alyssa

  10. Karen, is this list updated? Is it too late for me?