Sunday, October 17, 2010

I need a bigger vehicle

Sundays are starting to be my favorite day. It seems each time I go to church there are bags, and totes, and all sorts of goodies people are donating for the babies. Today was crazy!! I didn't make in the door before getting a tote of clothes. As soon as I walked in the door I was notified that there was a bag of shorts in the office. Then I followed someone to their car to get blankets. The back of my car was half-full, and I still had to make a stop on the way home to pick this up:

Courtney Peterson and the lovely Theta ladies sponsored MANY of the babies for Christmas. When I saw what I needed to pick up, I thought, "I need to buy a bigger car!" What an awesome problem to have!!

The momentum is going strong, and I LOVE IT!! I love going to church and having people load my car. I love getting emails and voice-mails from people asking what the babies need. I love how compassionate and giving people are.

One short trip. One little postcard. Look at what's started!!

Stay tuned folks. The next Christmas challenge is about to post...

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