Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Your Exit Plan?

We're just 6 days away from the pizza dinner fundraiser benefitting Children of the Promise. I made an announcement at church, and my family hosted fellowship after the service. I'm thankful to attend such a wonderful little church that supports my trip to Haiti. Many people were asking about the trip, what they could donate for the fundraiser, how I felt about going.

After the crowd cleared, and gentleman walked up to me and asked, "What's your exit plan to leave Haiti?" I said, "I've got a plane ticket and someone from the orphanage will bring me to the airport." He responded, "No, I mean, what is your exit plan?"

It took a few seconds, but I finally realized what he was asking me. I touched the top of Henry and Sofia's heads and said, "This is my exit plan."

Ten days will be a long time to be away from my children. Ten days is not nearly enough time to spend in Haiti.

This trip really has nothing to do with me. In my short visit I'm not going to make a difference. The children and nannies won't remember me. I, however, will be changed for the rest of my life.

God put this on my heart for a reason. I understand part of that reason, but I know much of it will be revealed to me during the trip. This is a long-term commitment on my part. Ten days isn't going to make a difference to Children of the Promise. Coming back and sharing the stories, planting the seeds, getting others to support the babies, and scheduling the next trips with others...that will start to make a difference.

My exit plan is Sofia and Henry. My exit plan is also knowing that I can go back to Haiti.

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