Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's build a house!

I'm a year older today.  If you read my post about kid's birthday parties you can probably guess that I could really care less that it's my birthday.  I don't need cake, cards presents, or even wishes.  True story.  I'm just not into my own birthday.

But I am on a mission today.  I'd like to get a house built.  In Haiti.  For an amazing organization.  It costs $2,500 to build a house - supplies and labor included.  Can you believe that?  What some people make on a single house payment in the US will build and entire house.

Let's build a house together.  Second Mile Haiti is an amazing organization that is in the process of building 12 homes.  Here's a blurb from their site:

We’re an organization focused on investing our time and attention on one (or twelve) struggling families at a time, at a point in their life which could be described as none other than crisis.  By building 6 small Haitian style homes (2 rooms with a shared wall), we will be able to offer 12 children a temporary safe place to recover. During the storm of severe malnutrition it is here that desperate mothers get a chance to regain their sea-legs on a sailboat known as care-giving in a sea called Haiti. Poverty, unemployment, hunger and disease threaten to tear families a part. We are offering them a chance to stick together, replacing death and disease with hope, healthcare training, and opportunities for economic advancement.
This organization is run by two women in their mid-20's.  I don't even want to think about all the irresponsible things I was doing at that age - like my Coach bag obsession or the importance I put on the wardrobe for my corporate job or how much I spent on just my hair.


Please consider making a donation today.  If we reach $2,500 I'll put the names of all the donors in a hat and Sofia will draw a name.  If your name is drawn you can name the house!!  Talk about leaving a legacy.

Just click here:  Second Mile Haiti

You'll be helping families stay together, and will be giving children all the birthdays they deserve.

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