Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bracelets for sale!

We are selling Apparent Project bracelets - which will benefit our adoption, and families in Haiti.

Bracelets are $8 each - free shipping.  You can request a specific color scheme, but as you can see, the bracelets are multicolored and look great with anything.

There are also unisex bracelets available.

All bracelets come with the story of the individual who made them.  It's touching to read what each individual is working towards.  Some want to save enough money to get out of a tent, some are saving money so their kids can go to school, and many are using the sales to feed their kids.

We have to ship unsold bracelets back the week of April 9th, so please order early!  Simply email me at:

You can pay via check or Paypal (using the email address above).

On a different note, I just noticed the Lilypie ticker above.  10 months.  It makes this mama sigh.

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  1. These bracelets are SO cute!!! And they not only help Karen's adoption quest, but also the local workers in Haiti who make them. Order some today!! We got several. Thanks.