Sunday, February 3, 2013


Truth:  Haiti is noisy and chaotic and dirty.

Truth:  Haiti is quiet and peaceful and clean.

Truth:  Most of the people on this planet are good.  Even if they speak a different language and don't look like you.

Truth:  There is absolute joy in nothing.  You don't need stuff to be happy.

Truth:  You can go without sleep for 40 hours and then have a hard time falling asleep.

Truth:  Not all street food is going to make you sick.

Truth:  There are many luxuries not afforded to most people in this world:  warm showers, a bed, electricity, medical care and Kleenex and so much more.  Be thankful for what you have.

Truth:  If you live your life worried about what could happen or afraid of being uncomfortable, you aren't living your life.

Truth:  Most people in the US have never seen true poverty.

Truth:  I am an overweight, spoiled American.

Truth:  Haitians work extremely hard for almost everything in life.

Truth:  Because I have seen this so much, firsthand, it makes me embarrassed for all I have and all of my gluttony.

Truth:  I have decided it's time to get in shape.

Truth:  I miss Henry and Sofia.

Truth:  We save too much for when we're older.  We need to give and trust that God will work out all the details.

Truth:  You didn't choose to be born in the country you were born.

Truth:  Haitians didn't choose to be born in Haiti either.

Truth:  We aren't put on this earth to be comfortable.  We're put in this earth to take what we have and make sure others have what they need.

Truth:  I mean it.


  1. You are awesome. Love your post and love that you speak from your heart. Keep smilin

  2. So many truths and i am sure to many more to list... we (americans) have no idea how lucky we are. we get impatient waiting in line or being stuck in traffic or just waiting for facebook pages to load. But Karen, when you are making a difference all that trivial stuff goes out the window. Thank you for sharing and taking us a little bit back to reality.. i love you cousin. God Bless you and your family.. safe travels...

  3. Truth is, today is a good day in your house! Enjoy!