Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Her daddy is nesting

Her bed is made.

Her dresser is filled.

Jackets and snow pants and pretty dresses hang in her closet.

Little pink slippers that say 'Love'.

Her very first stuffed animal.

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Jason is nesting.  This weekend he decided it was time.  She needs a bed.  And she needs a dresser.

I came home from work Monday night to a very excited Henry.  He couldn't wait to show me what he and his dad did.  The dresser is ready.

That evening her bed got put together.  As Henry was helping his daddy read directions and assemble the bed, he quietly walked out of the room.  When he came back, he placed this by her bed.

His toy saw.  And the little chair.  We bought this chair in PAP while at the Heartline Guesthouse.  It reminds us of the chairs they have at COTP.  It sits on our dining room table.  A reminder that we have a little person waiting on us.  Depending on us.

As soon as it was assembled, Henry insisted we make her bed.  He shared his pillow.  It's got a pink pillowcase on it now.  He climbed her bed in and slept there last night

It's hard to describe my emotions.  I'm nervous.  Should we have waited?  Our paperwork has been there almost 9 months.  It's been long enough.  But is it too soon?

My beautiful friend encouraged me to fill the dresser.  Little shoes, jammies, more pants than she'll ever wear.  Adorable little sweaters.

Will they fit?

What will I be taking out before she gets home?

Will she get to wear any of it?

We continue to wait.  We continue to pray.  We continue to have hope.

We wait for news.

Henry will keep her bed warm until she gets home.

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