Saturday, October 29, 2011

We get to meet her

First things first, we have no news.  There's nothing scheduled.  We're not going down to Haiti.  But I did learn something new this week - we get to meet her.

At some point when we're out of IBESR we'll need to travel to PAP for court.  From what I understand, by traveling to Haiti for court we shave a few weeks off the adoption process.  Jason said early on that he wanted to be there for the court appointment, so we'll be traveling to Haiti together.  (I'm SO excited that he'll experience Haiti.  How many people do you know that would say that?!)

This past week I found out that we travel to Cap-Haitien first.  For pictures.  With her.  We get to spend the day with her, then fly to PAP early the following morning for court.

Without her.

A gift and torture all wrapped into one.  We get to meet her and love her up.  Then we leave her for at least another 5 months before the adoption is complete.

I need to buy a new digital camera with the biggest memory card in the history of memory cards.  I'm going to take at least a kabillion pictures.  And I'm going to hold her the entire time.  Her feet will never hit the ground.  Maybe I'll let Jason hold her too for a little bit.  :-)  And somehow I need to love up the rest of the kids in that short amount of time, while she's in my arms.

Jason gets to experience Children of the Promise AND our daughter AND PAP all in one short trip.

My friend Windie who is wise and wonderful and 'gets it' was my rock as I was falling apart last week.  As I was losing myself in impatience and fatigue and frustration, she did the one and only thing I need to be doing when this happens.  She prayed.

Here is the prayer she prayed with and for me:

Dear Heavenly Father - You are the author and creator of all life. Nothing can be that you do not allow. Your word states that your children's steps are ordered by you. Lord we come before you together and appeal to you Lord that you would move (baby Haiti's) paperwork through IBESR and that your hand would remove the delays and that this process be completed and be completed soon!!! We pray for hand to be upon (baby Haiti) and her caregivers...that she would be healthy and that she have favor before their eyes that will privilege her to extra hugs and touches of love and even snacks Lord. 

I pray now Father for peace and mercy to be upon Karen and her family and that this time be a time of extra closeness for their family. Your peace to come upon them as a warm blanket in the cold of night!  Please bring comfort in the waiting. 

We praise you for all that you have done, are doing and are about to do!



  1. Advice: take paper, pen, measuring tape. Trace her feet and take her measurements so you have an idea of what size she's in. Take your dig camera to court-some judges want to see pics of you w your child. Bring video camera if possible so your kids at home can enjoy Baby Haiti's antics and smiles. Take a Chinese fan or batt op fan (court/cars are hot!)and sometimes u have a long wait. As we prayed for ours, now I pray your paperwork is at the top of every pile each day at IBESR and that God moves the staff to work quickly/show favor to your file. xoxo It WILL happen!!

  2. Hi Karen!
    I came across your blog today. We are adopting a little girl from Haiti also. I was there in May and met her but my husband has not been down yet. We leave next week to go visit her again and I, too, am very excited for him to experience Haiti. I want him to share my experiences!
    Here is a link to our blog:

  3. Hello! I googled Haiti adoption blogs and came across your blog. Our adoption was final in Haiti on 9/14/11. We are waiting on approval of the I600 on the US side. They said it takes approximately 60-75 days. We are on day 43. I would love to find out any additional information. My email address is Thank you, Jennifer bradley