Monday, October 8, 2012

An Update

Have you found that the number of postings I have is directly related to the amount of updates we have? Well, that's the case.  Since this blog has been quiet for a while I'll give you a little update.

We have been sitting in MOI for quite some time now.  By 'typical' timelines, meaning what others have experienced, we should have been out a long time ago.  So I asked.  And I wish I hadn't.  Sometimes living with the unknown is easier than the known.

We were told that two COTP families got out of MOI, but unfortunately it wasn't us.  They were expecting us to be out...but there's a problem.  We don't know the specifics, only that they have to go back to Archives for something.  Weeks.  She said weeks.

You'd think after all this time I'd be pretty numb to a delay and a word like 'weeks'.  I'm not.  It hit me really hard.  The hope that I had that she'd be home by Christmas left.  That last glimmer of hope - that itty bit that I was pretending I didn't have - gone.  Completely.

We have accepted that she will not be home this year.  God might have a miracle up His sleeve, but I can't let myself think that way.  The disappointment is too hard to deal with.

Once again, I'm going about life.  I'm scheduling work trips, planning events with the youth from church, and living every day not expecting any news.

I'm sad.  I'm tired.  And I'm on the verge of tears a lot.  But with the acceptance comes a bit of peace.

I'm not sure any of that makes sense.  It does in my head.

In fun news - Jason is going back.  He worked his week in Haiti and had a wonderful time.  He wasn't home more than 30 minutes when I told him - they want you back.  He has every reason to say no.  We're paying for an adoption.  Every appliance in the house is breaking down.  Even my car is having issues.  But he said yes.  Again.

You can guess what happened next.  Yup.  God worked out all the details and the money came.  The money to cover the entire cost of his travel - there it was.

Stay tuned for an awesome fundraiser we're having starting October 24th.  It will last one week, and all money raised will go directly to Second Mile to fund the projects Jason will be working on.  It's with a beautiful company run by an amazing woman.  You can start your Christmas shopping early.  And everything you buy will make you feel good about how you spent your money.

More details...soon.

For now, I leave you with this.  Powerful.

“…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile.”
Matthew 5:41

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