Friday, June 15, 2012

From a snail's pace, to lightening speed

I looked in her dresser tonight, and this time I smiled.  I looked through the clothes, wondering what I'll pack when we pick her up.  I pictured her in an adorable pink sundress and hot pink Crocs.  I started to giggle, wondering which pair of pajamas would be her favorite.  As I sat on her bed, the anticipation and excitement started to swell within me.

It has taken so long.  The roller coaster of emotions.  The tension and crazy arguments and frustrations all because of the adoption process.  The extreme highs, and the very low lows.

The end of those emotions is coming.  A whole new series of emotions is starting.  They will be followed by a new dynamic in our house.  Henry will go from baby to big brother.  Sofia will still be her nurturing little mama self, but she'll realize that little sisters aren't perfect and can be as irritating as little brothers.  We'll have another little one to get to the doctor and dentist.  We'll have to figure out her favorite foods, and get settled in to a new routine.

Our world is going to change.  I'm so ready.

The dossier entered IBESR in July of last year.  11 months later it was finally out.  Two weeks later it was out of Parquet and court.  From a snail's pace, to lightening speed.

Her last name has changed.  She is legally ours.

There are more steps, of course.  This story isn't going to end that easily.  There's something called MOI.  Paperwork will be submitted for her passport.  We have to finish up the I-600 paperwork.  Finally, her visa will be issued.

Then...she comes home.

I dream of the day when she meets her brother and sister, her aunts and uncle and cousins, her grandparents, her church family, all of her new friends, all the people who have prayed for her.

I pray that these last steps happen quickly.  Her family is ready for her.


  1. Amazing! What a learning experience and major undertaking for you and your family. My fingers are crossed for smooth sailing this point forward. keep smiling......think good thoughts.

  2. Karen, hi, my name is Ashley. Our family is in the process of adopting two little boys from Haiti (we have 4 of our own). I'm enjoying reading your story on your blog...thank you for sharing! I'm curious...did you have to get a presidential dispensation? I'm trying to figure out how much longer we will be waiting. Our dossier entered IBESR around February 2012 and our adoption facilitator told us they are saying they will be processing our paperwork in 30 days. I don't know if we get the presidential dispensation after IBESR processes our dossier or if that's part of the process. It sounds like your adoption has moved quickly since it got out! I'd love to keep in touch. May God bring your little one home very quickly!!